Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

fire-sprinklers-small Make sure to keep your fire sprinklers inspected and tested as mandated by the law. It is important that we each understand our role in preventing the tragic loss a fire could bring. With enough precaution and education much grief and loss could be averted. Allow us to service your systems today, give us a call at (866) 441-2421.

Learn To Use Your Fire Extinguishers

Pull pin, aim at the base, squeeze & sweep. For fire extinguisher training, call (866) 441-2421. In order for fire extinguishers to be effective for saving lives, the people who operate them must be properly trained. There are many wrong ways to use a fire extinguisher. If we committed ourselves to learning how to operate these great tools, we could avoid ourselves much pain and tragedy. The first thing you have to consider when you sense a fire and begin to reach for the fire extinguisher, is this – can I handle the task? How big is the fire? Always remember that your life is allot more valuable than the property damaged. If you cannot handle the situation get somewhere safe immediately. The extinguisher itself usually has a sticker that instructs the user on how to operate it. But when a fire strikes, can you really expect to be able to stop and read a label? Some people have used the acronym PASS to remember the procedure. Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep. How do you remember things best? Perhaps a mnemonic such as ‘Pickles Are Salty Snacks’ might help. This all might sounds excessive and even silly, but it is a necessary precaution and very much worth it.

Pull Pin

Before you can operate the extinguisher, you have to pull out the small pin that is located where the two metal levers cross each other. In order to do this, simply pull the bottom lever up gently and remove the pin. Remember that if you are squeezing  the levers you will make it very difficult to pull out the pin.


It is very important to aim the small hose toward the base of the fire. If you aim at the flames this will not put out the fire and you will discharge your fire extinguisher without accomplishing much. Aiming at the base is the most effective method of using a fire extinguisher. As you do this, keep a safe distance.

Squeeze & Sweep

Squeeze the two levers together while maintaining your aim toward the base of the fire. Hold the levers together until the fire extinguisher is discharged. But at the same time sweep the hose left and right. If you read up to this point, then you have taken a good first step in increasing your own safety and that of those around you. We will be posting more information on how to stay prepared for such disasters, so stay posted! Of Course reading the Spectrum blog is a great way to build up your knowledge on fire safety. But getting hands on training will give you the confidence and real life experience that these situations call for. If you need to educate your employees or family on how to operate a fire extinguisher, contact us today. Thank you.  


24 Hour Emergency Fire Protection Service Dearly Beloved Blog Readers, We want you to know that we are absolutely invested in the safety of your home and work place. At Spectrum we do our best to do our part in reducing the amount of unnecessary deaths due to fires each year. We hope you are by now aware of our 24 hour promise. It is the least we can do. Kind regards Spectrum.