Fire Hydrant Service - Install, Test & Repair

Flowing fire hydrant pressure test. Static pressure test on fire hydrant.

Spectrum Fire Protection is a leading contractor in Los Angeles and Orange Counties that installs, services, tests and repairs fire hydrants.

Fire Hydrant Inspection

As per NFPA 25, our inspection procedure includes the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Inspect for leaks in outlets or at top of hydrant
  • Assess condition of gaskets and other parts
  • Inspect for cracks in hydrant barrel
  • Inspect for tightness of outlets
  • Inspect for worn nozzle threads
  • Inspect for worn hydrant operating nut
  • Check availability of operating wrench

Fire Hydrant Testing

In addition to the inspection, a flow test is performed using the accepted methods by the local jurisdiction, including environmental safeguards. The test includes:

  • Opening the hydrant fully to ensure ease of operation
  • Flush the hydrant
  • Verify static, residual and flow pressure using static and Pitot gauges
  • Provide written report of the test on approved forms

Fire Hydrant Repair

  • Emergency repair
  • Leak repair
  • Maintenance & lubrication
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