Fire Suppression System

fie suppression

Spectrum Fire Protection specializes in the installation, service and maintenance of the wet and dry chemical systems. Our technicians are trained to meet the specific requirements to inspect and certify most brands and models.

Fire Suppression System Inspection and Testing

Our functional testing and visual inspection includes:

  • Manual Actuation Test
  • Automatic Actuation Test
  • Fuel and Power Shut-off Verification
  • Manufacturer's Specification Compliance
  • Fusible Links Replacement
  • Clearance Compliance
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Verification of UL-300 Compliance (for kitchen fire suppression systems)

Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems

  • Commercial Kitchen Systems – Wet Chemical
  • Spray Booth - Dry Chemical
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NFPA 17 is the standard for the dry chemical extinguishing systems and NFPA 17 A is the standard for the wet chemical extinguishing systems, both which are adopted by the State of California and are regulated by Public Safety Code of Regulations Title-19, Division 1, Article 4.

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